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Frequently @ssed Questions

Who is Rosco?

Rosco is our favorite mascot.  Rosco is a Mammoth Donkey (or Burro in Spanish).  Rosco's two buddies, Mordecai and Cash, hang out in a stable located in the Historic Manitou Springs. Rosco makes special guest appearances at his namesake coffee house often on weekends and special events.  We are lucky to run with the three donkeys often. For your chance of running with a burro on a weekday night, email us. Don't miss out on our special monthly Sunday Burro group runs. Just let us know you're interested and we'll get you out running with the burros.

Did you say "burro racing". What the heck is that??

Pack burro racing has been designated by the Governor as the Colorado Summer Heritage Sport.  You can find out more about this unique sport by clicking here.

Will I fit in? I'm afraid I'll be too slow!

Of course you'll fit in. We have runners (and walkers) of all paces and abilities.  Our favorite motto is "We've never met a fake runner." We have runners running 7 minute mile to 13 minute mile. We have some runners doing intervals and heart rate training. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to come out.

Where are the runs and what time?

Our weekend runs start both days at 7:00 AM during the warmer months and 8:00 AM during the colder ones.  We will let folks know both via Facebook and E-mail when we make the seasonal switch.  Saturday runs start at Rosco's Coffee House, located at 432 W. Bijou Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80905, corner of Walnut and Bijou streets, just west of I-25. 

Can I bring my dog on the runs? Are they allowed to run with the donkeys?

Dogs are awesome and we love running with your well-behaved fur baby. They are welcomed on Saturdays. They are welcomed on Sundays, depending on the locations. Please check the location's website for more information. A word of caution regarding the donkey runs and dogs: sometimes dogs and donkeys don't get along, especially if your dog is unfamiliar with the donkey and tries to go under/near its feet. We aren't necessarily worried about the donkey but we do worry about your dog. It is best to keep your dog well away from the donkey(s) as they can kick and we don't want your dog injured. Running at the back of the pack is suggested.

How does the group communicate?

We have weekly emails, an interactive Facebook group, and an Instagram account.  See our Contact Us above to sign up for any of these.

I'm going to be late to an event, will you wait?

If you have RSVP'd on our Facebook Event as YES, that you're coming and don't have a long history of being late, we will wait five minutes. If it's cold or rainy and we are cranky that morning, we might not wait long.  If we don't know you're coming, we can't very well wait, so just be on time!

Hey those are cool T-shirts, how do I get one?

Download the Rosco's Coffee House app, attend 5 group runs and buy an item at each of those runs. You will get a T-shirt and be one of the cool kids! Rosc'os Runners also enjoy 10% off everything in the shop: drinks, food, merchandise...yup, pretty much everything!

Rosco's Runners welcomes runners of all ages, paces, and distances. No pace is too slow (or fast) and no distance is too short (or too long). We've never heard of a "fake runner!" We run on roads and trails. We run individual races and group relays.


Don't be an @ss! Get out and run!
Runs start promptly at 7:00 AM during the warmer months and 8:00 AM during the colder months. We meet at Rosco's Coffee House located at 432 W. Bijou Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (corner of Bijou and Walnut Streets). 


Saturday Runs

We meet every Saturday. We call our Saturday runs "Long Runs" but "what is a long run?"  Our Saturday runs are  an out-and-back course of 10 miles. Depending on the runners who meet up, some might do a shorter run, longer run, or walk. We don't judge.

Wednesday Trails with Friends (WTF) Runs

We meet at Bear Creek Park (East Side near the Community Garden) most Wednesdays to run on trails.  These are our "Leave No @ss Behind" runs and are more social in nature.  We stop at every trail intersection and at the top of the larger hills to re-group. We also stop for photos when the mood strikes us, so these are definitely fun, relaxed runs.  Some people will choose to hike instead of run and that's okay, too.

Donkey Trail Runs

When schedule permits, we take out three or more donkeys for a fun trail run. We call this "Donkin". We love running with Rosco, Mordecai, Cash, and sometimes with other donkeys from our partners. This is a great way to get introduced to the fun Colorado Summer Heritage Sport: Pack Burro Racing. Want to learn more and/or get a chance to learn how to run with a burro mid-week in Manitou Springs?  Just send us an email using the form below and we'll try to work something out.


Remember ask for your Rosco's Coffee 10% discount.  


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